The Manchester Regiment Image Archive

Searching: Free Text and Key Word

There are three search options available when using the databases. You can carry out a free text search, a battalion search or you can carry out an advanced key word search.

A free text search allows you to type any word you choose and a search will be carried out to find that word wherever it appears in the database.
To search by Battalion click on the down arrow and select a Battalion from the drop down list.

A key word search will allow you to search the database against a set of predetermined key words that have been tagged to images. This means that search results are more specific than those achieved through a free text search.


When you carry out a search you can select the images you are interested in, saving them into an album. Just click ‘add to album’ under the image and a notice will tell you the item has been added successfully. You can view the album at any time – it appears along the top of the screen. If you prefer you can hide the album, but the items will remain selected. If you want to remove any item you just have to click delete. You can click on the images in your album at any time to see further information about the individual image. If you navigate away from the site and return using the same computer the album will still be viewable for a number of days.

Additional Information

When looking at individual image pages you will see an option ‘can you help’. This allows you to write text about the image and submit it to the archives service. Staff at the archives will read the information and add it to the website if it can be verified.  If you have left contact details you will be contacted when updates are made, within 20 working days of the original submission.
Comments submitted to ‘can you help’ should be factual about the image. If the photographs inspire you to ask questions about the Manchester Regiment, you should submit enquiries to Tameside Local Studies at (email): archives@tameside.gov.uk


You can print low-resolution images free of charge. Once you have searched for the image, click on it in the search results to see the image information. Click ‘zoom’ to reveal the print options. You can either print with image information included or just select to print the image.


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