The Manchester Regiment Image Archive

About the website

The Manchester Regiment Image Archive is an on-line collection of images from the Manchester Regiment Archive. The photographs provide a pictorial illustration of the history of the Regiment.

The Manchester Regiment was formed in 1881 by the merger of the 63rd and 96th Regiments of Foot. The 63rd was originally raised in 1758 and became the 1st Battalion; the 96th which became the 2nd Battalion was raised in 1824. Many other battalions came and went during the Regiment’s history, including territorial battalions in the early 20th century and service battalions during the First World War. The Regiment has served all over the world including Egypt, Guadeloupe, Afghanistan, South Africa, France and Flanders, Mesopotamia, Malta, Malaya, Burma and India.

The collection currently includes our extensive loose photograph collection. There are more photographs in the collection that are contained in photograph albums and these will be added to the image archive in due course. We are regularly updating the content of the image archive so please keep checking back for new photographs.

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